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In our kitchen, we prioritize ingredients from small local producers and family farmers, mostly organic, based on a rigorous selection of products from the Southeast region.

Our scallops come from Ilha Grande, our fish and shrimp from small boats from a network of fishermen, mainly on the coast of Rio de Janeiro (Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo, Macaé).

We also count on the advice of a PhD marine biology specialist, Jonas Leite, who guides us about the closed seasons, the best times and sources for the conscious and sustainable purchase of the best products from the

Our cheeses come from small local producers nested on the hills of Rio de Janeiro or neighboring states and are made with raw milk from pasture-raised and grass-fed herds. We prioritize original brazilian cheeses, not those inspired by international ones.

Goat: Fazenda Gèneve, Teresópolis, RJ; Capril do Bosque, Joanópolis, SP
Sheep: Quinta da Pena, Vales Videiras, RJ; Val di Fiemme, Soledade de Minas, MG
Vaca: Fazenda Sant’Anna, Pardinho, SP

Our free-range eggs come from Bem Posta, a municipality in the district of Três Rios, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. They come from happy hens, fed with grains, fruits and vegetables grown in the very place where they live.
They lay eggs on the grass, inside the car, or on top of the storage cupboards.

Our fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are mostly organic and from small local producers in the state of Rio, notably from the area known as the “green belt” that surrounds Rio’s metropolitan area.

Green sprouts: Orgânicos da Fátima, Alto da Boa Vista, RJ
Baby lettuce and green leaves: Sítio do Moinho, Itaipava, RJ
Corn flour, cassava, pineapple: Quitanda Natural, Silva jardim, RJ
Mushrooms: King Funghi (yes!), Paty do Alferes, RJ



Our coffees come from a small roaster on Rio downtown, Coffee Five Roasters – carefully selected arabica beans from the best brazilian specialty coffee producers and roasted weekly in small batches. From time to time, we change what’s in the mill.


Oh, and the butter we use is Aviação, traditional brazilian dairy good made since 1920, used both to accompany the bread on the start and in any recipe of the kitchen.



Rua Barão da Torre, 538
Phone: 21 3202-2884
Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 11pm
Sunday 12pm to 18pm

Rua Barão da Torre, 538
Phone: 21 3202-2884

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 12pm to 11pm
Sanday 12pm to 18pm

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